Denture Problems

Are you a denture wearer who's afraid to be seen in public because your dentures are unattractive? Do you find yourself eating alone because you can't eat foods your friends eat? Do you carry your false teeth in your pocket? Denture wearers, without knowing it, can become dental "shut-ins." They begin, subtly, to reorient their lifestyles around ill-fitting or loose dentures. When dentures don't look or function properly, some people withdraw from their social lives and suffer depression and diminished self-esteem. Some even become recluses.

Tale of a shut-in

One denturist had a patient, a truck driver, who couldn't eat properly with his cheap dentures. At truck stops, he would take his food back to his truck and eat alone. He gave up his only social activity on the road, swapping stories with other drivers over a meal. For two years, he was a prisoner in his own truck. Many people can reverse a situation like this though. When prosthodontics look and feel right, denture problems become a thing of the past and the wearer's whole mental outlook can brighten. Eating gives pleasure and a feeling of security learned from early feeding experiences. It's an important part of most social occasions. When a person controls the quality and quantity of his food, he's able to achieve this sense of security and a feeling of self-esteem.

So, let's start fresh with some denture tips.

There's no need to feel unattractive or live in fear of a false teeth faux pas in the company of friends and family. A prosthodontist can help you regain function, comfort, and a natural appearance by denture care and repair, or by just replacing or refitting them. Or, it might just mean using better dentures adhesive. Well-fitting prosthodontics are a small sort of miracle, but one that works wonders for your self-esteem. Don't be a shut-in. Call your dentist, and start smiling again.

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